Sterling Silver

Since ancient time silver has been associated with the moon and purity because of its glowing gray color. Sterling silver is harder than regular silver jewelry because it is alloyed with copper – which is a stronger metal. This means that sterling silver jewelry will last longer and be harder to break than regular silver.


Sterling Silver EarringsSterling silver, at 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, also resists tarnish much better than regular silver so the piece will stay cleaner and shinier longer. Sterling silver is used in many of today’s modern looks and is a high impact jewelry statement for a fraction of the cost of white gold or platinum. Silver keeps its low price because 80% of it is actually acquired when mining for other metals.

Rhodium (the material that makes white gold white) is also often used on Day’s sterling silver to give an extra layer of protection against tarnish and scratching. This layer of rhodium also helps people who have mild silver or copper allergies avoid negative reactions because it protects the skin from the silver and copper.